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Artist Discussion:                        Duncan X

Why I am discussing this Artist:

Tattooing since 1996 and taught by Dennis Cockell, Duncan X (who changed his name officially by deed poll in 1993) has a portfolio with a large variety of styles that interest me greatly. Duncan X has a very interesting and unique style in his drawing and shading techniques which I would like to use in my own work. His work has also been displayed at a variety of museums across the country and around the world which proves that having a unique style and technique can get you noticed internationally and make you stand out from the crowd.


What I like about this Artist:

I love the unique style portrayed the fine, simple line work and the subtle shading that is shown in Duncan’s designs. I like how he doesn’t need any colour, framing or decorations to make his pieces interesting. I particularly like his attention to detail on the textures in the pieces using simple lines to add depth and shading to his images. His use of realism in his work taking influences from day to day imagery as well as his use of surrealism where he mixes these items with unusual almost dreamlike imagery is very effective creating fascinating, yet simple imagery which would work very well as a tattoo design.


What I have learnt from this Artist:

Duncan’s work fascinated me and is one of the main influences in my designs. He taught me that you don’t necessarily need to design large, technical and challenging pieces to create a tattoo that is visually stimulating and interesting and will be well received by clients. He also taught me that shading and line work can be just as effective if used minimally and interestingly as compared to those pieces with lots of heavy shading and intense line work. Duncan’s designs take time and patience and lots of focus to recreate and draw up as a lot of thought goes into every line and detail to make sure it’s as effective as possible yet kept simple. Duncan’s designs will continue to fascinate me as his portfolio and flash continues to grow and develop over time.


Favourite Pieces:

Liquor bottles

Anatomical hearts

Series of blades and knifes

Series of pistols

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